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It was a big adjustment moving from Residential Living to Assisted Living. Having been making all of my own decisions, the transition to Assisted Living has truly been a blessing and the staff has been so friendly and helpful. The reassurance I feel to know that I can call for...Read More
- Patricia Brett

Living at Windsor Park, in Assisted Living, has been quite wonderful. I am grateful that the services are available to me. There is the option of being able to do things independently or with the friends that I have made. I am appreciative of the help that is available when...Read More
- Mary Alice Bates

My husband and I moved into Windsor Park Manor seventeen years ago. We enjoyed our nice apartment and the resident activities for seven years together. After that time, due to illness, Ed, my husband, fell and was admitted to the Johnson Health Care unit. He received excellent care. Now I...Read More
- Ernestine Scull

What I liked about my stay in the Johnson Health Care. 1.) The people who served at all hours of the day and night. 2.) The nurses who made taking medications easy. 3.) The serving of food is done well. 4.) The staff who helped those who can’t help themselves-...Read More
- Phyllis Larson

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the Johnson Health Care Center? Welcome to JHCC! If you become ill or are in need of physical care you can’t manage at home, Johnson is the place for you! You’ll find that JHCC is just what you...Read More
- Virginia Polley

For more information call (877) 806-4969 or click here to request more information.